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A New Chapter 艱難的起步

 In Bullshit



We are a group of energetic people who would love to share what we have learnt and experienced about Digital Marketing, and Google AdWords is the emphasis. We want to deliver and share messages with clear and simple words and pictures. If you guys have any questions, please feel free to ask and we are always here. We hope everyone can be kick-ass to do digital marketing. Thanks!


大家好,我們是一班研究了Google AdWords一段日子的年輕人,雖然不算是Expert,但日子有功,都可以同大家分享分享。起步難,守業更難,希望大家多支持。

在這裡我們希望用最簡單最清楚的文字同圖片,去帶出我們所講的Messages。Google AdWords只是開始,日後還可以同大家有不同的交流。我們宣布Kick-Ads正式成立,多謝﹗希望大家Kick AdWords’ Ass。



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