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  • KickAds Handled Our Facebook Ads. They always think and provide effective suggestions from our point of view. We are satisfied with it.

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Localized content on Facebook to build your brand fast

You know exactly why we need to do Facebook marketing. Its because people spend majority of their online hours and a large portion of Internet scrolling on Facebook. In order to be able to tame this new word-of-mouth social platform, localized content is the prerequisite for brands to penetrate into their audience base. Rest assured that with us, your headache regarding the lack of revitalizing content and exclusive creativity would be put to rest!

Funnel Marketing Campaign starts from Chatbot

In order to best utilized your marketing efforts, a competently funneled chatbot would be available to help you to reduce the hassle of the backbreaking customer service. On top of that, chatbot marketing is the trend of market automation. All funnel starts from a click on messenger. Let us help you to build a reliable chatbot which is both time saving and lead automating!

Let’s look cooler and more attractive on Instagram

If your target audience is below 40 years old, it makes no sense that you refrain yourself from kick-starting your Instagram marketing. Allow the exceptional talents here at Kickads to plan your calendar, write your posts, designs your visuals and locate KOLs to drive faster awareness and heighten your brand’s image for you.

Paid Social to accelerate your leads & sales

When your board are rooted and established with localized content, funnel marketing alongside Instagram marketing, our on-point ad targeting and diversified ad format will run its course in elevating the companies’ performances. Treat your company to a nice treat and allow us, your trustworthy partner to amplify your brand and boost your online ROI!

Double your leads with LinkedIn ads

A strong LinkedIn presence that speaks to the network’s 467 million professional users can open doors to powerful and paramount business partnership, while at the same time curating long-lasting client relations for your business. With 79% of B2B marketers viewing LinkedIn as a highly effective and unrivaled source for generating leads, making an impact on the platform is vital to extending your company’s professional network while constructing your company’s notion as the preeminent solution provider in the industry.

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