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我們利用Google Ads在香港及馬來西亞兩地協助超過70多個企業增加生意,亦舉辦超過20場收費課程,培訓超過300個學生讓其更了解Google Ads。這本電子書集結了我們的經驗之談,期望你看畢我們的拙作後,能快速掌握谷歌廣告的方向及精萃。

SEM搜尋引掣營銷專家及谷歌卓越伙伴(Google Premier Partner)

Dear Business Owners & Marketers,

Have you ever found out that Google Ads are way more expensive that before? Or you have found that your results on Google Ads are worsening! …If so then read on…

If you have read a lot of articles or attended classes that you have got enough from Facebook and you lower down or even shut down your Google Ads, You are making a BIG mistake!

Why? Because a perfect funnel NEVER misses out Google Ads. You could simply be one or two campaigns away from unlocking geometric growth for your business and perfecting your funnels through this incredibly powerful channel.

In this FREE E-Book we uncover MUST-KNOWS ad format, trends and skills that SMEs and cooperates should know when it comes to Google Ads. It is going to skyrocket growth and profits from your Google Ads account…which is STILL one of the most powerful marketing platforms EVER created.

These “Google Ads Must-Knows for SMEs” are the most explosively powerful secrets we discovered running literally thousands of campaigns for our clients and spending millions of dollars on advertising over the years.

You cannot find this E-Book in all other places since it has latest ad formats, local insights & solid suggestions that help you spend each buck correctly!

This E-Book is yours free, just click the button below that says “Get My Free E-Book”, enter a few details, and these Google Ads tips will be sent straight to your inbox.


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" Kick Ads' detailed structure and optimization flow is the very definition of top-notch quality work, a pioneer of their industry. Our CPA has shown great improvement through the magic hands of Kick Ads team. "

Samson Lo, Perfect Medical


KICK ADS are a performance marketing agency based in Hong Kong & Malaysia. We are dedicated and enthusiastic to work with our clients to create a tailor-made Digital Marketing Plan. We view ourselves as our client’s partner instead as an agency. We shoulder the responsibility for your business growth and we will always do our best to maximize your profitability with any suitable channel. Treat your business as one of our own enterprise is the fundamental core value that KICK ADS is proud to uphold. Our Google Ads skillset and techniques are recognized in the public and we welcome you to take a look of ours...


This FREE E-Book will reveal the latest Google Ads Ad Format so that you can save your researching time. Plus, our tips inside definitely give you more insight about utilizing Google Ads to bring leads and sales...

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