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We’re Digital Marketing and Paid Advertising Experts.

However, paid advertising is only
a part of your marketing

You have much to do to turn it into profit



To kick start the profitable online campaign, quality traffic from paid and organic sources is always the first step fundamentally


Idea Validation

Quality traffic incoming proves your product or service is appealing, yet to worry that your idea is boring. The idea will be boosted optimizely



We now have a right idea with quality traffic but they won’t get in touch with you at once. Retarget them timely with compelling ads is a killer



Customers begin trust you but they won’t pay you right away. We will build an automated system to educate them and turn them into profit eventually

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What most Digital Marketing Agencies
don’t want you to know

Many advertisers nowadays will see SEM as their essential channel. SEM becomes a cutthroat competition which results into the scenario that getting SEM to be profitable is no longer an easy task. If you don’t have much experience on SEM and just set up the SEM campaign all by yourself, the advertising performance may not be as good as expected. Other SEM agencies might simply focus on clicks and traffic. Whether those clicks can be converted into sales, it doesn’t matter with them. However, we share the same ultimate goal with you. That is to bring conversions and revenue for your business! KICK ADS’s strategy is to create a well-structured SEM ad and write a winning copy to bring you the highest quality traffic. At the same time, our SEM experts will also provide you with advice on improving the website conversion rate, so that the traffic and website can be perfectly matched, generating the most potential customers and sales, providing you with the greatest return rate!


What makes us outstanding


With years of in depth studies and a gallery of portfolios to showcase for, it is safe to say that we are blessed with comprehensive knowledge and experiences in both Small and Large Scale SEM / PPC / Paid Social Campaigns .

Local & SEA Experts

With staff based in Hong Kong and Malaysia, you have access to local and SEA experts who are masters of search engine marketing and Performance Marketing as well. Starting a conversation and delivering your message where it matters most.

Detailed Reporting &

Empowered by Google Data Studio, we are capable of delivering insightful reports to every client. KICK ADS ensures every dollar you spend is an investment in improving your business and you can track your results anytime.

Contract Free

We have the utmost confidence of our work. We refrain from requiring new clients to sign any sort of contracts for the first six months. We know that running a business is your biggest concern, so let us take care of smashing your advertising goals.

Get started with
$HKD5,000 of Strategy for Free

Boost your leads and sales by booking our 30-minute growth call today.