Naver Advertising

No.1 search engine in South Korea

Naver is South Korea’s largest search engine with over 1.25 billion visits in the last 6 months. It is also a global ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) brand that provides services including Line messenger, SNOW and NAVER WEBTOON. NAVER BAND, a group social media platform, boasts 1 million monthly active users.

Google Ads vs Naver Ads

Unlike most parts of the world, Google is not the No.1 search engine in South Korea. Although Google search is gaining its market share slowly, Naver is still taking almost 70% of total search market share which makes perfect sense that you should consider Naver ads when you are entering the Korean market with no doubt.

Better performance in Conversion

Since Naver has more data about user behaviours in the Korean market, Naver's search results can provide more localized search results for current Korean trends and the needs of current Koreans, which are relatively more close with Korean users' expectations. This can lead to a higher conversion rate of Naver ads.

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