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  • Working for Google before, Terrence and Frankie are very experienced in Google Ads, especially in Search Marketing (SEM). Kickads is my first choice to seek help whenever I have question with Google Ads.

    Shek Sir
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  • 99% of my questions related to Google Ads can be answered by Kickads. True Expert on PPC/SEM definitely.

    Ringo Li
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What are Google Ads?

Search Ads

There is no targeting method more accurate than searching by your own customers. To reach the accurate customers at the right place at the right time, your ads on search engine help your company reach out to them directly. Let Google search engine to be your 24/7 salesperson!

Shopping Ads

Products with images and prices can instantly draw your customers’ attention. With Google Shopping, you can get your customers to land to your product page at once and that means the customer path is greatly shortened. It is still early to use Shopping ads. Let’s get the advantages now!

Video Ads

Everyone has recognised this era is a video era. You spend a lot of time of watching videos instead of reading texts. With video ads, your brand is presented into your potential customers. If you still have not started your video ads, you have to re-consider your marketing strategy!

Display Ads

There are lots of banners that are on the Internet and you might question if they still work. True! Display Ads are no longer working if there is no suitable targeting method. Let’s see how we can help you on display ads. Sit back and relax to re-engage with your customers now!

Universal App Campaign

Promoting apps with UAC will be a one stop solution. With UAC, your app promotion will be appearing on search, display, youtube and other other Google inventory. Get your app download rapidly with Google UAC. Bear in mind that IOS & Android are both available with UAC!

Client Compliment

Dadi Education, Dylan Chang

It has been our pleasure to work with the SEM & GDN team in Kick Ads. They examine and understand our needs and provide us with up to industry standard insight and advice for us to define our goal for SEM & GDN campaign. Every week we would receive report from Kick Ads and it has helped us to understand how our campaign were performing, and what they will adjust to help further boost up the campaign performance. There seamless service has definitely helped us to grow 50% more leads than the previous year, and you would not regret your choice to work with them!

GreenPeace, Cindy

Kick Ads’ proposal is detailed and really hit our pain point. They are responsive and willing to help. Provided a lot of effective suggestions to us. They have good Google Ads skills. I will recommend Kickads if you are looking for a quality online marketing company.

Perfect Medical, Samson Lo

Kick Ads are the best SEM agency that I have partnered with. Their detailed structure and optimization flow is the most quality work in this industry. Our CPA has a great improvement with the helps of KA team. Apart from search engine marketing, they also gave us a lot of opinions on landing pages and full scale digital marketing strategy. No matter your company is SME or MNC, working with Kick Ads is going to benefir your cooperate!

Seeking Help from Kickads is definitely a no-brainer

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