Google Ads Updates in December (Everything You Need to Know): [UA→GA4] Recreate Audiences, Personalize GA4 Home Page, Google Insights Pages New Features

As you may know, starting from July 1, 2023, the standard Universal Analytics properties will be retired. If you are still relying on Universal Analytics, it’s time to prepare for using Google Analytics 4 from now on.

Google Ads Update 1:
[UA→GA4] Recreate Audiences

GA4 is one of our most important tools to optimize conversions and traffic, and Google now introduces “GA4 Migrator for Google Analytics” in Google Sheets add-on tool, that allows us to recreate many of our Universal Analytics properties into a GA4 property. If you haven’t started setting up GA4, now it’s the time.

If you have no idea how to set up GA4, highly recommend reading our “Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Essential Guide

It is possible to recreate audiences based on the same dimensions and metrics that are both available in UA and GA4. The spreadsheet contains details about each audience. Of course, you can change the audience conditions before reproducing them because they are editable.

How to Recreate Universal Analytics Audiences in GA4?

Let’s say assuming you already own GA4 property, you may start through the steps of migrating from UA to GA4 audience.

Step 1: Install the add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace and search for GA4 Migrator for Google Analytics.
Step 2: Import audience definitions from your Universal Analytics property.
Step 3: Export each audience
Step 4: Export audiences to a GA4 property

Google Ads Update 2:
Personalize GA4 Home Page

Last December, Google announced that they would be able to personalize the content on the Home page to make the content that you always read more relevant to you. Other people in your property will not see your changes if you personalize the Home page.

You can change all the metrics and dimensions that you need. You just need to change the metrics on the overview and real time cards. On the overview card, hover over a metric to see a drop-down menu so you can change the metric.

Google Ads Update 3:
New Features on the Google Insights page

Google rolled out some new features on the Insights page that help you to drive the results. The new Insights features will help you to have a better understanding on the demands, trends and customer behavior during holiday seasons, which can be used for the upcoming Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day.

Assets insight  

This is a quick approach to locating audiences who are really engaged, and you can use this information to guide the creation of assets and landing pages for these audiences, or even change your entire marketing and product plan.

Audiences insight

Recently released at the account level, this feature can more accurately determine the interests and characteristics of your target audience and adjust your creative accordingly. Use these insights to help you comprehend the traits of the customers who interacted with your business.

Change history insight 

This assists you in determining how optimization to your account may affect performance. This knowledge can help you identify the modifications you made that may have contributed to a significant shift in your campaign performance, and then you can decide how to move forward.

Search Terms insight

Without having to look through your complete search terms report, this helps you understand what customers are looking for. You can easily determine which themes are most popular with your customers thanks to the keywords’ broad, intent-based groupings, coupled with indicators like conversion performance, search volume, and search volume growth.

We hope you have a better understanding of GA4; as the season approaches, Google will also acquire knowledge about which assets appeal most to your customers as a result. This can be used to find audiences that are very engaged as well as to customize different assets and landing pages for various audiences. You should absolutely take this into account when planning 2023 strategy, as it continues to change.