9 Google Ads Extensions That Can Boost Up Your Sales

One of the most frequently asked questions in my SEM Class is “Why do my competitors’ ads look much more visible and detailed than mine? (Google Ads Extensions can help!)

How to create ads that occupy much space?


How to create ads that can display the nearest branch of my business?


How to create ads which can show the Call button?

Generally, text ad is formed by 3 headlines and 2 descriptions. EVERYTHING beyond these are called Ads Extensions. Before we go through each ad extension that we use often, we would like to share what exactly Ads Extensions are and how they can help our performance.


What are Ads Extensions?

In a Google Ads campaign, you can add a whole lot of information about your business such as a phone number or address as well as phone or reviews. You can also add discount as well as brief testimonials and different sitelinks of your website. Ad Extensions allow you to put on extra information into your text ad.

Advertisers should utilize different Ad Extensions in order to provide their customers with valuable information. It really helps them rank higher on search engine result pages. However, it doesn’t mean adding Ad Extensions randomly equal to improving ad performance. Different Ad Extensions bring you different extra information and you need to know exactly what they are and how they appear. Now that we have already understood the basics of the Ads Extension. It’s time for us to move forward  to how Ad Extensions would benefit your ad performance.


Why are Ads Extensions important (How it impacts Quality Score)?

Did you know that the businesses have witnessed about 10%-15% increase in their CTR after utilizing some effective ads extensions?


Improves Quality Score

Have you ever heard about the term “Quality Score”?

It is one of the most important factors on which the ranking of your advertisement depends on. Google, Yahoo and various search engines consider the quality score as a metric that plays a major role in influencing the cost per click and ad rank. Wouldn’t you love your ad to be displayed on the first page at the very top position? A higher quality score would get the job done easily.

In the recent video published by Google, Hal Varian provided us with  7 clear equations to work with, and using a little algebra you can reverse engineer the weighting of Ad Format Impact on Ad Rank in relation to other factors (Bid and Quality Score). If you are interested in those equations, you can check the following article:


All in all, Ad Extensions are going to help increase your quality score and get a better ad rank definitely.


Improves CTR (Ultimate Goal)

You will be able to provide a lot of information to your customers in your text ads with the help of ad extensions. Such kind of additional information would allow customers to take an immediate call to action which would help increase the CTR.


Authentic Ads

Users on the Internet do not want to get compromised and are always afraid to click on fake advertisements. Ad Extensions allow you to add your phone number as well as the address to your business which would make it look real legit.

Now that you have learned about the benefits of the Ads Extensions as well, you might be looking forward to applying some of them. Do not worry about that! We have listed the top 9 Ads Extensions available in Google Ads which will help you increase your CTR!


Where can I add my Ad Extension?

Ads & Extensions > Extensions > “+” Button


You will see quite a number of Ad Extension options after you click “+” Button.


Top 9 Ads Extensions At Your Disposal


Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink Extension is considered to be one of the most effective extensions available out there. It is because we are able to bring our website visitors to a certain page of our website directly.


When a user searches “foodpanda”, he might want to contact you immediately (contact us), OR he might look for career opportunities. Users can land to certain pages after clicking on sitelink extensions INSTEAD OF browsing around after landing onto the homepage.


With the help of the Sitelink Extensions, you can easily add the various popular pages of your website on your text ad and would just make your ad more attractive. Imagine people searching for your brand name on Google and your text ad shows up. There are different sitelinks for people to click on and it could help direct people to specific pages and thus, Shorten the Customer Journey.

Add on Sitelink Extension now! If you are asking what should we put on sitelink extension, we do suggest you to put Latest Promotion, Member Registration, Outlet Sales, Contact Us & About Us.

How to set up?


Click on Sitelink Extension on Ads & Extensions. Key in Sitelink Text and description lines with final URL accordingly. Please note that description lines on sitelink extensions are not always appearing but it helps quality score when we put on it, so just don’t be LAZY! You are advised to put AT LEAST 4 sitelink extensions and of course more are encouraged.


Call Extensions

Have you ever looked through an advertisement in a hurry and decided to call that company instantly only to find out they have not even listed their phone number on their ads? Isn’t that a disappointment? In this case, you can add your phone number into the text ad and that’s what call extensions allow you to do. Your potential customers are encouraged to call you with Call Extensions.

Did you know that you can easily increase your CTR up to about 6%-8% when you add your phone number to your ad?


With the help of the Call Extensions, you can easily add your phone number to your text ad on Google. This makes it easy for potential customers to call you whenever they feel appropriate. Additionally, it makes your ad look more authentic. People are always afraid of fake ads. Your business can really benefit from the addition of the phone numbers, and it could allow your CTR to increase at a gradually higher rate!

How to set up?

Click on Call Extension on Ads & Extensions. Select country then key in your phone number and it is all good to go!


Structured Snippet Extension

With the help of the Structured Snippets Extension, you are able to show the list of products or services your business has to offer your potential customers. Imagine yourself scrolling through your Google and finding out a business ad that lacks all the possible information and does not even display the services or products it has to offer…

Would you buy it? I wouldn’t…


With the help of the Structured Extensions, you would be able to put a list of the products and services and also your brands at the first touchpoint with your customers. Now, your customers would be able to understand who you are and what you have to offer.

How to set up?


Click on Structured Snippet Extension on Ads & Extensions. Select Header (Amenities, Brands, Courses, Degree programs, Destinations, Featured hotels, Insurance coverage, Models, Neighborhoods, Service catalog, Shows, Styles, Types) Key in your Styles / Brands that your E-Commerce stores are selling. Do advise to have different structured snippet extensions according to different kinds of ad groups. If we are selling clothing brands for men, we should have a BRAND Structured Snippet Extension showing all kinds of Men’s Brands.


Callout Extension

What can your ad stand out from the rest? How would you like to inform your potential customers about the extra service you are offering them?

If you are an E-commerce website and want to inform your customers about the “FREE DELIVERY” service offered by you, where else you can put expect on the Headlines?


With the help of Callout Extensions, you would be able to put all the unique selling points of your companies into the text ad. It allows your customers to understand the strength of your company.

Some of the possible examples that E-Commerce websites like to add up are :

  • Free Shipping
  • 30-Day Replacement Policy
  • Same-Day Delivery

Wouldn’t it make your ad more attractive?

How to set up?


Mouse over to Ads & Extensions and add CALLOUT EXTENSIONS. Key in at least 4 callout extensions. What we have mentioned above, do key in all the related unique selling points of your companies here to convince people why they have to click on our ad.


Promotion Extension

Companies are doing mark-downs during festivities. Various businesses have taken it in their own hands to promote their products by offering huge discounts. How can we tell our customers that we are having sales BEFORE they land to our websites? Promotion Extensions will be the key to do so.

With the help of the promotion extension, you will be able to show the current promotion and discount and it attracts customers to click on the ad

How to set up?


By typing current promotion with selected line of products, we can either show our promo code on the ad or show % off over a certain amount of order. It is giving more reasons to customers to click on our ad and convert at the same time.


Message Extension

People at this era are used to communicate with text. When customers have found some ads and even some problems about your ads, they tend to get the answers right away. How are you going to respond to their inquiries?

Of cos your customers can go through the website and look for answers. However, people are getting more and more impatient and expecting immediate response. Message extensions are the key to fill up their urgency.

With the help of Message Extension, you can provide your customers with an option to text you regarding their issues at the click of a button. You can even preset some texts for your customers to save their time and effort!

How to set up?


By clicking on message extension, we can input phone numbers that you wish your customers to text to. We can customize the text message on the ad and even the first message that your customers send to (Send us a text for more information). Do recommend that we have a customized message from this message extension. At the end of the day, we will be able to count how many messages we have received from this single extension.


App Extension

If your company has already developed your own mobile app, then please do not waste the usage of app extensions. We are not going through the benefit of mobile apps. We know what you care about more is how you are going to get more downloads and app extension is probably one of the solutions

How to set up?


By selecting the IOS / Android app we wish to show, we can have an extra position to show on our text ad that we offer customers to download. We may customize the download messages like “Download Now” or “Get 3 Months Free” or related messages. Once people click on it, it goes directly to the download page of the app and it increases our number of app downloads.


Location Extension

Adding location to your ad would increase the authenticity of your business organization and would allow the customers to trust you even more. You would be able to make your ads more trustworthy for the customers by setting up Location Extensions.

What if you have multiple locations? Google Ads will show the nearest location (remember to register on Google My Business) and it ensures people to reach to your closest location.

How to set up?


Once you have clicked on Location Extension, you may find out that we have to link with our Google My Business account. You have to get linked with our Google My Business account where we have to set up and verify our Google My Business account beforehand.


Price Extension

If your products are offering in a very competitive price, then price extensions are a must that you should have applied on. Putting a price extension can let potential customers know that our competitive price once they can see our text ads. Remember to link it up with our signature products or even make it specific people are searching for that specific product or related range of product.


How to set up?

Same as other Extension, you may choose Price Extension when you are browsing Extension Tab. Do follow the instruction and write a few products that we are doing the best. Key in the price, title and description to attract customers and it is going to directly land to that specific kind of product / service. A tip for everybody here is to categorize your campaign well so that each campaign will have their respective price extension with related product and customers will be more satisfied to click on that specific product.


F.A.Q on Ads Extensions


1. What is the Difference between Account Ad Extension, Campaign Ad Extension, Ad Group Ad Extension? Who have highest priority?

Answer: We are able to apply ad extensions on different levels, Top from Account, Campaign then to Ad Group. Say if we have applied sitelink extensions on Account Level, it will automatically apply to every single campaign. At the same time if we have applied different sitelink extensions on a single campaign, then the sitelink extension on account level will not be applied on that campaign. The same theory goes to ad group level.


2. How Often The Ad Extension is shown? Is it Guaranteed?

Answer: Ad Extensions are not guaranteed to be shown. However, it has been proven that ads with higher ad rank show more extensions than others. At the same time it does not mean ads with low ad rank will not show any extensions. Therefore in this case, we are very suggested to put on all applicable extensions accordingly.


3. How google charged if I click on any of these extensions?

Answer: COST PER CLICK is the answer. When your text ad shows up with any ad extensions, we will be charged when people click on our ad or ad extensions. The cost per click will also be the same when people click on the ad extensions.


4. What is automated extension? Will you recommend?

Answer:All 9 Ad Extensions above are manually keyed in by us. However, Google Ads do crawl your website and show some automated extensions such as dynamic sitelinks, dynamic callout, dynamic structured snippet, location, longer ad headlines (your url) and stuff like that. Since it is automatically crawled by system, some wordings may not be very accurate. We can opt out the automated extensions if you do not want them appearing in your text ad. Simply move to Ads & Extensions Tab. Click on Automated Extensions and look for MORE with 3 dots. Click on the Advanced Option and Click Turn Off. Then you can choose which automated extension to opt out.


Are You Ready For Higher CTRs?

If you are planning on running a search campaign, then why not add some fun to it? Nobody likes incomplete information and neither would you. With the help of the amazing ads extensions above, you are able to make your ads campaign fly really high!