Optimize Performance Max with search themes for improved traffic

Performance Max has become a widely utilized campaign type in our strategy, but it has its limitations. To address this, Google has consistently refined and enhanced it by introducing new features that improve campaign performance. One of these new features is “search themes” in Performance Max. With this feature, you can actively guide Performance Max to reach audiences that may have been missed previously. Furthermore, with the assistance of Google AI, your ads will now be able to reach a broader audience across various channels.

When Can Search Themes Be Especially Beneficial?

Search themes offer exceptional benefits in various scenarios. They are particularly advantageous when dealing with incomplete landing pages, bridging the information gap by providing essential updates about products or services. They become valuable allies when expanding into new markets or launching products without an extensive performance history. During seasonal promotions with limited historical data, they prove invaluable in effectively targeting the right audience. Moreover, if you’re eager to expand your reach across multiple channels, including Search, and ensure comprehensive coverage of vital business themes, search themes become a necessity. Finally, they play a crucial role in optimizing campaign performance, enabling you to deliver essential information for a faster and more effective performance ramp-up.

Setup The Best Practices For You Search Themes

When you add relevant search themes, you’re telling Google AI that you want to reach specific traffic,so you have to leverage your expertise to let Google AI drive your campaign effectively. Here are some recommended strategies you should know:

  • Ensure that  your search themes are not duplicated or closely related variants.
  • Utilize search term insights to gain valuable information about existing search queries and user behavior.
  • Maximum of 25 search themes per asset group can be added in Performance Max campaigns. 
  • Assign the same prioritization level to search themes as you would for phrase match and broad match keywords in Search campaigns.

You can add up to 25 search themes in your Performance Max campaign

Sources: Google Ads & Commerce Blog

Try Google Performance to maximize search topics in your campaigns, giving you an exciting opportunity to enhance your online advertising strategy. By combining your industry knowledge with the power of Google AI, businesses can leverage new, targeted traffic across multiple channels, enhance their online presence and achieve better results.

Whether you’re looking to fill a landing page gap, expand into new markets, or optimize your advertising campaigns, search themes can be a valuable addition to your digital marketing toolkit. Start exploring this innovative feature today and see how it can help your online presence grow.