Twitter (“X”) Becomes a GDN Placement in Google Ads: The 3 Pros You Need to Know

In recent news, Twitter has teamed up with Google for advertising purposes. Twitter hasn’t been a big focus for advertisers, accounting for just 1.3% of digital ads in 2022. Even Twitter’s founder, Elon Musk, didn’t prioritize ads, and their ad revenue dropped by 60%. However, this new partnership shows Twitter’s effort to attract more advertisers, especially for direct sales.

Why is this important?

1. Expanded Ad Placement Opportunities

With Google now extending its ad placements to Twitter, advertisers can anticipate their ads appearing on Google ads. This expansion opens up a new realm of exposure for advertisers. Research from Demand Sage has indicated that 40% of Twitter users make purchases after encountering products on the platform in 2023. As a result, advertisers can expect more sales and revenue through the new ad placement.

2. Effective for Targeting Younger Audiences

Studies reveal that Twitter is particularly popular among the younger demographic, aged between 25 and 49. As a result, it becomes a valuable placement for advertisers aiming to promote products or services tailored to this youthful audience.

3. Location-Based Benefits

According to Demand Sage’s study, there are 25.47% of Twitter’s traffic originates from the United States. This presents a good choice for businesses wanting to reach the US market.

Additionally, research from Demand Sage also showed that 54% of Twitter users are more likely to try new products. So, this partnership could be a great opportunity for future advertising campaigns.