Google Ads Updates in February (Everything You Need To Know): Performance Max Campaign New Features, Search Ads New Tools

Google will be rolling out 4 new features for Performance Max campaign that gives advertisers a better control and clearer picture to understand how Performance Max campaign works. Additionally, Google also introduced 2 new tools for Search campaign to improve ads performance. Let’s get started!

Google Ads Update 1:
Performance Max Campaign New Features

Have you started to run Performance Max campaign yet? For advertisers who ran Smart Shopping before, you must be very familiar with Performance Max campaign since your Smart Shopping campaign was automatically upgraded to Performance in July 2022. 

If you have tried Performance Max campaign before, you will know at this moment we are only able to see the performance from campaign level. I guess you will have the same thought as many advertisers do, which asset group is performing better, what are the search terms, how can we optimize Performance Max and so on. 

Good news is here. Google announced that they are adding 4 new features to Performance Max: Campaign Level Brand Exclusions, Video Creation, Asset Group Reporting and Insight and Page Feed.

Campaign Level Brand Exclusions

You will be able to avoid those brand queries that are not relevant to your product and services so that your ads won’t serve on Search on Shopping inventory. This helps you to block traffic from brand misspellings and brand searches in a foreign language, it gives you better control on how your ads will show. 

If you don’t see a certain brand in the list, there will be an option for you to submit a request to add the brand into the list.

Source: Google Ads Help

Video Creation

Google is going to integrate video creation tools into the workflow of Performance Max campaign setup. Previously this feature was only available in asset library and now it is much easier for you to create video when setting up Performance Max campaign. There are several templates available and you can create as many assets as you wish.

Source: Google Ads Help

Asset Group Reporting and Insight

This is a significant update for all advertisers, you will be able to see the performance of each asset group such as conversions, conversions value, cost and other metrics so that you can observe the performance of each asset and improve campaign performance.

On the other hand, budget pacing insights is coming soon for advertisers to see how your campaign is projected to spend and forecast conversion performance based on your current budget allocation. You could also use this tool to optimize your campaign budget to cover more potential opportunities.

Page Feed

Have you ever encountered Google sending users to a page that is not relevant to your ads? We faced this issue before and really not a big fan of ‘Final URL expansion’. But Google is trying to make some improvements. You will soon be able to upload a feed of page URLs to send traffic to the specific page. This will help the keywordless AI technology to have a better understanding on what URLs are more important and relevant to your ads.

Google Ads Update 2:
Search Ads New Tools

Google recently introduced 2 new tools for Search ads that aim to improve Search ads performance with the help of AI technology.

Automatically Created Assets

Last year, Google rolled out automatically created assets in beta which could help you to generate additional assets (such as headline and description) according to the website, landing page, ad copy, keyword in the ad group. In 2023, Google officially announced that automatically created assets will be available to all advertisers in English as an open beta.

How to Turn On/Off Automatically Created Assets
Step 1: Select a Search campaign
Step 2: Go to ‘Setting’
Step 3: Click on ‘Automatically created assets’
Step 4: Select ‘On’ or ‘Off’

Customer Acquisition Goal

Google kicked off a new feature called new customer acquisition goal for Search Campaign that helps advertisers to find new customers using Smart Bidding strategy and first-party data. By tuning on this feature, Google will help you to reach new customers who may provide a higher profit to your business.

There are 2 option available:

  • Value New Customer: Bid higher for new customers than for existing customers.
  • New Customers Only: Bid for new customers only.

How to Turn On Customer Acquisition Goal
Step 1: Select a Search campaign
Step 2: Go to ‘Setting’
Step 3: Expand ‘Customer acquisition’
Step 4: Select your desire goal and save

We are still waiting for Google to announce an official launch date for the new features of Performance Max Campaign, and we are eager to see them in the upcoming months. We hope that with the new tools introduced by Google for Search campaign will help us to optimize our campaign and result in a better performance.