Google Ads Updates in March (Everything You Need To Know): Discovery Ads 3 New Features, Performance Max For Travel Goals, Google Ads New Design

Google Ads is constantly evolving to provide advertisers with better tools and features to reach their target audience and drive more conversions. In March 2023, Google released several updates to help advertisers improve their campaigns’ performance and user experience. In this blog post, we will summarize the key changes and how they can benefit advertisers.

Google Ads Update 1:
Discovery Ads 3 New Features

Google Ads Discovery Ads have always been an effective way to increase brand awareness and acquire potential customers. With the arrival of 2023, Google has rolled out a series of new features to help advertisers better utilize Discovery Ads for better performance and conversion rates. According to Google, some firms are reporting a 94% increase in sales from potential customers and a 28% rise in return on ad investment year over year.


Product Feeds Can Be Used To Pique Audience Interest

Google informs that all Discovery advertisers now have access to product feeds. You may display products to customers depending on their preferences and goals. Carousels, squares, and portraits are just a few of the layout options that Discovery Ads provides to assist clients in creating compelling and insightful commercials. To offer more targeted advertising, merchants may use lifestyle photos and succinct language with their Google Merchant Center inventory.

Data has shown that adding product feeds to Discovery ads with sales or lead gen goals can lead to 45% more conversions at a similar CPA. Additionally, product feeds can be used with video action campaigns to drive deeper consideration and engagement.

Better Understanding Of Product Level Reporting

Advertisers must increase the effectiveness of their optimisation with long-lasting measurement and transparent data to ensure sustainable development. Google provides the most recent reporting and measurement updates so that advertisers may better understand how their Discovery and Video Action campaigns are doing. Also, advertisers may monitor the effectiveness of their Google Merchant Center catalogue items in product feeds by comparing data like impressions or clicks. For instance, a merchant offering a variety of items may now observe which product categories are generating the most attention and take appropriate business-related steps.

Conversion Lift Studies Can Be Used To Measure The Incremental Impact

Google created Conversion Lift trials last year to precisely measure the success of advertisements. The ability to calculate incremental conversions depending on users or regions is provided by one of their most current measuring solutions.

You can use Conversion Lift depending on the region for advertisers that are running both Discovery advertisements and Video action campaigns to gauge their combined impact. To find out how you may take part, get in touch with your Google account representative.

Google Ads Update 2:
Performance Max For Travel Goals

Google is distributing Performance Max for travel objectives to all lodging providers this year. It improves specifically for hotels and builds on the success of Performance Max. It allows advertisers to display pertinent advertisements to people during key times when they are making travel plans with just one simple-to-setup campaign powered by Google’s AI.

To promote more bookings and increase ROI, advertisers can set budget caps and conversion targets, then let Google’s AI handle the day-to-day details, including bidding, channel optimisation, and choosing the best asset groups. They can create ads in a variety of formats that will automatically run across Google channels and inventory with just one straightforward setup. They can also use the hotel picker tool to choose their hotel properties from a map and pre-populate ads for them.

Additionally, they can utilize property-level reporting to comprehend their performance and discover demand forecasts, search trends, and search term insights. A single campaign can support up to 100 hotel properties, with recommended images, messages, and other creative assets pre-populated for each location.

>> Watch the tutorial and look over our onboarding guide to learn how to get started with Performance Max for travel-related goals.

Google Ads Update 3:
Google Ads New Design

Google Ads is a global leader in helping businesses reach their goals, such as raising awareness and delivering ROI. Through experimentation with new designs to improve the product’s organisation and make it easier to find. This experiment will begin with a small number of accounts, and the company is committed to deepening its understanding of the business objectives to achieve better results.

A New Appearance and Feel
To make it apparent where you are in the user experience, Google has added sleek new icons to the navigation along with a blue accent. There is more white space, so you won’t be as easily distracted from your current activity. A change from Roboto to our Google Sans font, set at a higher size, results in a more welcoming atmosphere and better readability.

You can switch back to the original Google Ads experience at any time and provide your feedback.



Improved Interface

  • Audiences, keywords, and content

Search Keywords, Audiences, Places, and Content menu categories provide tools to decide who to reach and how to reach them. Google wants to reassure you that this makeover won’t affect the operation of search keywords, and grouped search terms with other methods to select who sees your advertising.

  • Goal

Goal-driven Google Adwords performance emphasizes the significance of goal-setting for guiding AI-powered solutions. It is now simpler to grasp because goals and conversion measurements are merged under one menu item. Conversion rates significantly influence company outcomes.


New Designs Of The Navigation Panel

You could see a single-level menu or a two-level menu in the Google AdWords interface if you’re taking part in this early testing. If you oversee numerous accounts, you may see both of them.

The redesign of Google AdWords enables access to all tools and features from a single, better-organized menu. It is more predictable and consistent, and a new “Create” button has been added to quickly build campaigns and ad groups.

In conclusion, Google Ads March updates provide advertisers with new tools and features to create more effective campaigns and reach their target audience more efficiently. By utilizing these updates, advertisers can save time, improve their ad performance, and generate more leads and conversions. By setting clear goals, targeting the right audience, and continually optimizing your ads, you can create a campaign that drives real results for your business.