Mailchimp vs ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse: Which one is Better?

Mailchimp vs ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse: Which one is Better?

Mailchimp, GetResponse & ActiveCampaign are the three most common Email marketing service providers in town. These are competitive and leading service providers that will help set up your email marketing campaigns to boost your business within the blink of an eye.

If you are looking for a high-performance email marketing platform for your online business and are confused about which service provider you should choose, don’t worry; we have your back. I have used those three platforms before, so I will try to do some comparisons among the three based on my experience and observation. The comparison below could be subjective so I cannot guarantee you must feel the same way I do. This article will try to break things down for 6 things you should look for when deciding on your Email Marketing Platform. Let’s have a look together! 

Feature Comparison

1. Ease of use

Compared within these three, Mailchimp wins. Mailchimp is the easiest to use as compared to GetResponse and ActiveCampaign. Mailchimp has quite a clear interface that I find very intuitive to use. I would recommend Mailchimp to those  Email Marketing beginners to start with, and if you are looking for basic email functions only, then Mailchimp could be your best option. For GetResponse and ActiveCampaign, I definitely won’t say that they are not user-friendly, but you need to have basic Email Marketing/ Digital Marketing Knowledge. The interface will be a little bit heavy for newbies. So to conclude, in terms of beginner friendliness, Mailchimp will be the best, Getrepsonse comes second, and Active Campaign will be second runner-up.

2. Templates Design and Flexibility

When it comes to email design and flexibility, it’s all about making it as easy as possible for users to modify or create their own email templates, content blocks, etc. It is also necessary to ensure that these templates are rendered consistently across all screen sizes.

When it comes to the quantity and quality of templates, both three softwares have done a pretty good job here. If you really want me to pick one, personally I think Getresponse is slightly better here as those templates look more appealing to me (this is very subjective).

Template Panel for ActiveCampaign
 Template Panel for Mailchimp
Template Panel for Getresponse

3. Automation

Email Marketing is no longer equal to Email Blasting. Email Automation has become very popular and important nowadays.

Automated processes are defined by rules that allow for a variety of outcomes when certain events occur. If someone does not open an email you sent them, you can try again by sending them a welcome email.

After having hands-on experience with all these three softwares, we conclude that all three software support automation. Out of these three options, ActiveCampaign, undoubtedly, is definitely the best provider when it comes to Email Marketing Automation because you can pretty much build anything you have in your mind. Their Automation is so powerful!!!

Automation for ActiveCampaign

GetResponse is also a great tool providing a lot of good features , but it is not as sophisticated as ActiveCampaign when it comes to the Email Automation part. However, GetResponse is trying to go for an All-in-one Marketing Platform Direction, Offering Sales Funnel, Paid Ads Management and Webinar as well.

Automation for GetResponse

Mailchimp does have an Email Automation Builder, but it is not much impressive compared with the other two.

Automation for Mailchimp

4. Deliverability

Deliverability is very important when it comes to Email Marketing. When your email provider has spared deliverability then your emails will end up in the spam folder, which means your email subscriber cannot find your Email.

You can check the Deliverability for Each Email Providers in this URL:

According to the above mentioned test, ActiveCampaign have done consistently well and have a very stunning result in 2021. So for deliverability, I will pick ActiveCampaign as champion and Mailchimp comes second.

5. Pricing

While selecting your email marketing software, pricing is also a crucial part that you should look for! 

GetResponse offers versatile pricing plans. It offers a fixed pricing plan, but you can customize it, change it accordingly, and enjoy its customized pricing plan according to the services you want. Mailchimp is superior in this case with its freemium pricing plan. ActiveCampaign does not provide any free plan here, instead, they provide a 14 days free trial for you to try their service.

GetResponse Pricing
Mailchimp Pricing
ActiveCampaign Pricing

6. List Management

Email marketers’ dreams come true when they can efficiently manage their contacts. Customers will no longer receive out-of-date emails from companies thanks to this feature. Tags, segments, groups, customs fields, and list management are just some of the ways to categorize contacts.

Although all three software offers you good list management services  ActiveCampaign equips itself with the most efficient and user-friendly list management system.  All of our three software offers you innovative and efficient Spam and design testing features. 


Each of them has their own merit and demerit so it is quite hard for me to pick one for you. Which tool you should go for really depends on what you need and your budget.

If you are looking for an affordable( or even free at the initial stage) and easy-to-use tool to send out simple email broadcasts, I would recommend you go for Mailchimp.

If you have enough budget and you are really serious on Email Marketing (at the same time, familiar with Email Marketing and Digital Marketing), ActiveCampaign is the best option for you to create sophisticated Email Sequence, List Management and CRM Database.

If you don’t have a budget for ActiveCampaign and you don’t want to settle for a comparatively basic tool like Mailchimp, then try GetResponse. If business nature does not require a very long and complicated customer journey and you don’t need to build a very sophisticated email sequence, then I am pretty sure GetResponse can pretty much fulfill your need.